Up to $13,000 Tax Deduction You Can Take Now

Easy Money – Up to $13,000 Tax Deduction You Can Take Now!


You may be able to save $3250 off your 2014 income taxes by claiming deductions up to $13,000. Simply make the maximum contributions to your IRA accounts now.Don’t have an IRA? It’s quick and easy to set one up. We’ll discuss how to get started at the end of this article.Who qualifies for an IRA? […]

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Easy Money – ETFs – The Hottest Trend on Wall Street


What is an ETF? ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are very similar to mutual funds. They pool together a large number of securities and offer investors access to a diversified portfolio with a low inital investment. ETFs can be bought and sold easily and inexpensively through any discount brokerage firm, just like a stock.Why should […]

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