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This is why I do what I do...a friend told me her Dad's broker said he would make $56k from his bond fun, instead he lost $60k! If he was using our Bond Pick Strategy he would have made $40k!

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Bond Picks

• 127% over 12 years
• Steadiest profits
• Lowest market fluctuation

Conservative investor? Choose Bond Picks. Best for retirees or those near retirement.

About Bond Picks

Stock and Bond Picks

#1 Recommended Plan

• 371% over 12 years
• High profits and steadier market fluctuation
• Stock and Bond Picks gives you a balanced portfolio. Perfect for all types of investors.

About Stock and Bond Picks

Stock Picks

• 522% over 12 years
• Highest profits
• Highest market fluctuation

Aggressive investing style? Choose Stock Picks. Best for investors 10+ years away from retirement.

About Stock Picks

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