Stock Market Investing Easy? It Is Now Thanks To Momentum

Momentum Simplifies Investing Eliminating Need for Brokers, Jargon


Momentum announced the launching of their newest online company, Momentum removes guesswork and confusion from stock market investing by telling subscribers exactly what stocks and bonds to buy, when to buy and when to sell, thereby eliminating the need for stock brokers and jargon.


“Momentum is a game-changer,” said Cynthia Chagin, Owner of “It solves the top 3 reasons people don’t invest in the stock market: not enough money, little knowledge about stocks, and lack of trust in stock brokers. At Momentum, there is no minimum to start, simple language has clients investing in only 5 minutes a month, and clients maintain control of their money at all times.”


Momentum does not use jargon, technical graphs or data which eliminates huge learning curves that prevent people from investing on their own. Utilizing clear, simple language they answer the #1 request from individual investors: “just tell me what to buy and sell.”


Three investment choices, Stock Picks, Bond Picks or Stock and Bond Picks, all utilize momentum investing strategies by following stocks and bonds trending higher.


Today, with banks offering historical low returns, people now have another avenue to accumulate wealth. Individual investors can use to invest confidently and easily in the stock market.

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