Stock Market Wrap Up

Stock Market Wrap-Up for April 21, 2017

First-quarter earnings season is under way, with about 10% of S&P 500 companies reporting results so far. As usual, many industrial and financial services companies have been the first to report, and results to date have been encouraging.

Investors are looking for signs of improving business investment and manufacturing activity as leading indicators for industrial companies. While only a fraction of the sector has reported at this stage, some firms have provided upbeat commentary that activity levels have in fact begun to improve following a difficult 2016. While plenty of uncertainty exists, especially regarding regulation, it is encouraging to see the industrial economy improving.

Stock Market Wrap-Up for March 24, 2017

Stocks were lower and bonds were higher on the week, with most of the stock market’s losses coming on Tuesday as investor angst grew with doubts about the passage of the health care bill in the House of Representatives. This week’s decline was the worst of the year, and Tuesday’s 1.2% decline was the largest daily decline since mid-October, a span of 109 trading days. Given the post-election rally, we believe it’s a good time to rebalance your portfolio by adding to bonds – if it has become too overweight in equities – which can help protect your portfolio’s downside during market dips.

The Momentum Team

Stock Market Wrap-Up for March 17, 2017

Stocks and bonds were higher this week, with gains coming immediately after the Federal Reserve (Fed) raised short-term interest rates by 0.25% signaling increasing strength in our economy. Our Stock Picks are off to a great start for 2017. If the current trend continues, annualized it would be a 21% return. I’m not promising that is what’s going to happen, it just puts our returns, thus far, into perspective.

 The Momentum Team

Stock Market Wrap-Up for March 10, 2017

Stocks declined modestly on the week, breaking their six-week streak of gains. Energy stocks led declining stocks for the week. Our strategy alerted us to this in advance and we issued a SELL in our energy holdings. However, the week ended on a positive note as a result of a solid February jobs report. Overall, the outlook for stocks remains favorable, supported by improving economic growth expectations and earnings growth.

The Momentum Team

Stock Market Wrap-Up for February 10, 2017

All our Picks are doing exactly what we want them to do…go up! They have been performing extremely well since the election. We will stay with them as long as do continue to perform.

The Momentum Team

Stock Market Wrap-Up for February 3, 2017

Stock indexes were mostly unchanged on the week, but it took almost a 1% rally on Friday to get there. A strong jobs report at week’s end helped!

The Momentum Team

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