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Cynthia Momentum

 Cynthia Chagin

My passion for the stock market started in my early teens, subscribing to the Wall Street Journal and reading every book I could find. Over the years, I handed my money over to trusted advisers which would prove to be a big mistake. Ten years later and I put a pencil to my earnings. Turned out, the 8-9% return promised was only 3% a year! Appalled, I knew I could do better.

At the same time, I noticed a NY Times best-selling book touting “Best Stock Picks of (the current year)” Curious as to the accuracy of such claims, I read the author’s book from the prior year and compared it to current returns and almost all the recommended stocks were dogs. I wondered, “Did the author write anything just to sell books?”

These experiences as well as learning about the stock market in classes, seminars, and books, helped me draw conclusions that would lead to me to create Momentum.

First, the stock market is unnecessarily complicated in an attempt to keep out individual investors. Just like lawyers created “legalese” so you have to hire them to decode it, advisers created “stockese.”

Second, many advisers don’t know much about investing. Don’t get me wrong, there are many who do a fantastic job for their clients. I’m just saying, there’s a reason why, in 2016, a law was passed stating advisers must act in their client’s best interest. This law only applies to retirement accounts. What about your other accounts?

I saw it with my own advisers who, I later realized, were trained salespeople. This applies not just to advisers but bankers offering financial services. Bankers aren’t trained to know the market. They are salespeople. I even question “expert” celebrity advisers published on TV and news. Solar stocks I purchased at $9/share was rated “do not buy” from every published advisory source. Every article screamed “there is no future in solar stocks,” but it’s chart told me this stock was going to explode. And it did. It soared to $29/share, a 322% gain!, in just a couple weeks. The pundits changed their minds very quickly.

I searched and searched for simple truth stock market advice. Something easy to implement that would take only a few minutes of time, unlike tens of hours I was currently spending, something where I could have control of my money, I wasn’t going to trust it with anyone else again. I couldn’t find it.

That’s why I created Momentum.

My mission is to empower people to make money easily in the stock market. Do I know everything about the stock market? Absolutely not. I’d be wary of someone who claims they do. But I do know the strategies I share with clients are the exact strategies I use to make lots of money.

Momentum has no “stockese,” no commissions and no minimum to start. Momentum is simple for anyone to use and takes just 3 mins./month.

For too long, the stock market has been unnecessarily complicated. It’s time for everyone to make money in the stock market.