How It Works

How It Works

We tell you what stock and bond ETFs we buy and when we sell them. Using the same methods Wall Street uses to make billions of dollars, we track momentum of big Wall Street money and bring it to you, in a simple, easy to understand format. Spend more time doing what you love.

All Stock Picks and Bond Picks are ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds which are similar to mutual funds where your money is spread among multiple stocks and/or bonds. ETFs have no minimum investment requirement, trade like stocks and are inexpensive. Our strategy tells you which top-performing ETFs we are currently buying.

Start your free trial today so you can:

            Say “NO!” to endless hours trying to learn complicated stock market jargon,

            “NO!” to brokers who may not have your best interest at heart,

            “NO!” to banks that give 0% interest.


            Say “YES!” to the easiest way to make money in the stock market,

            “YES!” to maintaining control of your money at all times,

            “YES!” to less than 5 minutes a month.

When you say “YES!”

            * About the first day of each month,  you get 3 Bond Picks, 4 Stock Picks or 3 Bond and 4 Stock Picks, (depending on your subscription), presented on your dashboard. Occasionally, there will be a mid-month trade. Once you see the current Picks, login to your preferred online broker, (,, etc.), and buy or sell. It takes about 3 mins/month. It’s that easy.

           * You get access to your Members-Only personalized dashboard showing current Stock and/or Bond Picks.

           * A free subscription to Weekly Updates, providing a quick and easy snapshot of the market.

           * A free subscription to our newsletter giving “the easiest financial advice ever.”  Easy to understand information about taxes, IRAs, 401(k)s, College Saving 529 Plans, Health Saving Plans (HSAs) and more!


Your Dashboard (Example)

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How to Divide Your Investment (example)



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