Why Us

Why Us



The Easiest Way to make money in the stock market. No confusing jargon, no stockese, no guesswork, no need to spend endless hours trying to learn about investing. We tell you what we buy and when we sell. It’s that simple. Do the things you love and let your money make money for you.

Maintain control of your money at all times.

Proven Results. Momentum Picks alert you to top performing stock and bond ETFs. Developed from 25 year’s experience helping people make money on their money. Momentum Picks use the same method pros use on Wall Street to make billions of dollars…and take just minutes a month.

Eliminate Fear and Greed. The most common mistakes individual investors make are basing decisions on two emotions; fear and greed. Buying and selling based on these emotions cause you to buy too high and sell too low. We eliminate fear and greed by telling you what we buy and, crucially, when we sell. Those are key to making money in the market.

It’s proven: individual investors make much lower returns than the market. According to Barron’s:

Studies of investor behavior tell us…85% of sell or exchange decisions are wrong. The investor would do better by doing nothing or going the other way that 85% of the time. Simple random decision making (with no investment knowledge) would have yielded about 50% good decisions.

In 20 years ending with 2008, the average stock-fund investor averaged only a 1.9% annual return (due to consistently poor buy and sell decisions) even though the average stock mutual fund returned 8.4% annually. With compounding, the difference was ninefold (402% vs. 46%) over 20 years.

Gain financial freedom TODAY.




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